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We have designed an introductory program to help both you and your children (or perhaps even grandchildren) understand the vision for how to spark meaningful communication about legacy, shared purpose and wealth.

In just three 45-minutes Zoom sessions, with all age appropriate family members, a clear path to mitigating risks, improving family dynamics and preparing the next generation will be presented.

  •  Meeting One: The Vision of a Stronger Family Bond. Learn the six ways to improve family unity, elevate meaningful communication, gratitude and empower all generations.
  •  Meeting Two: The 3 Dimensions of Wealth: Personal, Social and Financial. Topics will include core values, life experiences, shared stewardship, philanthropy and governance.
  •  Meeting Three:  The Wealth Transfer Preparedness Survey. Every family will complete the survey, all results will be explained in detail and shared with your family for discussion.

Vision360 is a one-time fee of $6000 and includes all your family members. We believe the cost/benefit analysis make this a low barrier to entry into the most important part of your planning process – your family’s successful multi‑generational wealth transfer.

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