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Aspida360, Inc. offers professional advisors customized coaching, a robust marketing system and a digital client deliverable, our MTM360 technology.   The Aspida360, Inc team includes two top 1% financial advisors, an attorney and an experienced group of branding, messaging, research, writing, information technology and marketing experts.   Our combined 90+ years of of research, experience, development and testing has culminated in the development of our fourth generation of MTM360.

Our three step coaching program is a product of the successful personal practices of our founders.   Since 1994, when the origins of “More Than Money” were born, every successful step, tactic, presentation has been fine-tuned and is the foundation of our program.


What Families Say About Us

Our team of advisors include:

About Shawn T. Barberis, J.D.

For over two decades, Shawn has engagedmultiple generations of successful families in preparing for, and participating in, impactful family meetings focused on the foundational pillars of multi-generational success: communication, core values, family legacy, gratitude, financial education and governance.

Our proprietary technology, More Than Money® 360 (MTM360℠), is designed to prepare and empower families for their family meetings. Shawn’s success is built on the simplest of principles: if you are attending an important meeting, you prepare. This preparation is hosted in the MTM360℠ technology and supports geographically (or physically) distanced families.

Over the years, Shawn has guided numerous families to improve meaningful communication, develop shared stewardship and philanthropy while strengthening family unity.

Since 2007, MTM360℠ is the first, and currently the only, technology to prepare heirs, align core values and spark meaningful communication.

Shawn maintains the clients’ best interests under a business model of full-disclosure, transparency, and adherence to a fiduciary model.
Since 2012, Shawn has enjoyed a 100% client retention rate.
Shawn has written several articles for industry magazines, is an active public speaker with over one hundred presentations to his credit, and in 2020 released his first book, “The Endangered Family: How to defeat the greatest single risk confronting your family – your money.”

Law Career

Shawn attained his law degree from the University of Baltimore. While there, he joined a downtown law firm, and upon passing the Maryland Bar Exam in 2000, Shawn opened a private firm of his own serving successful families and businesses. During this time, he began drafting sophisticated business and estate documents.


Shawn expanded his offerings and co-founded Premier Planning Group in 2002. With several offices on the East Coast, the independent financial advisory firm grew to 76 registered representatives from Naples, FL to Baltimore, MD with over 200 insurance brokers. In 2007, Shawn divested his interest in Premier Planning Group.


Equipped as an experienced entrepreneur, Shawn founded Aspida360® in 2007, naming this firm in honor of his Spartan-born grandfather. “Aspida” is the Greek word for “shield”, which the Spartan warriors deemed their most valuable weapon. Why? It protected them to fight for their family another day just as Aspida360® protects our clients to fight for, and thrive, another generation

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About Roey Diefendorf

A 50 year veteran, Roey is also the 4th generation of his family in the business and is currently the CEO of MTM360™.

Following his graduation from Deerfield Academy, Roey received a BA in Psychology from Bucknell University. He went on to obtain a Master’s Degree in Insurance from Georgia State University, with a major in Estate Planning and a minor in Pension Planning. In 1976 and 1983, he received the designations of Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) and Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), respectively, from the American College, Bryn Mawr, PA. In 1992, the designation of Certified Financial Planner (CFP) was granted from the College of Financial Planners in Denver, CO. In addition, Roey has been admitted as a “CFP Practitioner”. In March 2001, he was awarded the designation of Registered Financial Consultant (RFC). In 2003, he attended the Wharton School of Business and successfully attained the Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA) designation. After many years of insurance and investment advisory, Roey turned his focus on the “3 Dimensional Wealth” of his clients.

He has written over a dozen books, including “3 Dimensional Wealth: A Radically Sane Perspective On Wealth Management and “A Better Way: Using Purposeful Trusts To Preserve Values & Valuables In Perpetuity.” As an adjunct professor at the University of Illinois – Urbana, in 2020 Roey taught a 13 week long semester course on “More Than Money” Wealth Management, the first of its kind in America.

In 2023, Roey taught an Externship for the Mitchell Hamline School of Law and in 2024, he became an Adjunct Professor for the law school, teaching in the Business Practicum course for 3rd year students.

Roey has spoken at many venues on wealth management and philanthropy, including the Main Platform at the Million Dollar Round Table. He has won numerous awards including:
Finalist in The Fleet Bank Small Business Award for Substantial Revenue Growth, semi-finalist in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, the finalist in the NY Enterprise Small Business Award for Leadership, the LI Business News “50 Around 50” Award for Philanthropy, and the Gold Medal finalist in the Gartner & 1to1 Media CRM Excellence Award in Efficiency for North, Central and South Americas. The International Association of Registered Financial Consultant (IARFC) named Roey the 2021 recipient of the Loren Dunton Lifetime Achievement Award as an industry visionary and leader over the past 50 years.

Roey is a man on a mission. A mission that embraces family values and philanthropy for the betterment of the giver and family, as well as the receiver.

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About Jennie Donovan

Jennie comes from family that embraces family values and has been personally part of annual family forums for over a decade. Her background in psychology from University of Virginia, coupled with Masters Degrees in Education from both Boston University and Cambridge College are the tools that she uses as a professional counselor. Having participated in the MTM360 process, Jennie is uniquely qualified to guide your younger rising generation members.

In addition to her 18 year professional background, Jennie has a broad scope of experiences from her travels to over 70 countries. This unique facet of her life helps her relate to many differing individuals and cultures. She loves singing and founded the women’s acapella group, “Hoo’s In Treble” at the University of Virginia. She was named the female acapella vocalist of the year during her senior year at UVA after performing at Carnegie Hall.

Jennie is married and has three children. She knows adversity, as her son was born with a degenerative heart condition and has had three major heart surgeries since birth. Yet, she remains grounded in her faith and optimism for the future. Gratitude is at the roots of Jennie’s existence. This daily focus on gratitude is what keeps her “centered” and effective in working with client’s family members.

Jennie also formed Donovan Strategic Learning, LLC to work with students to improve their effectiveness and efficiency in learning. She has a developed a unique analytic learning assessment to identify a student’s learning pattern using her Five-Step Learning Process model. Jennie specializes in working with students with disabilities, including ADHD, learning disabilities (including dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia), anxiety, Autism Spectrum Disorder and concussions.

Jennie loves working with families and thrives on seeing the results that occur when individuals go from working independently to interdependently. Her goal; to help family members understand how their motivations and actions can create pathways to strategic change and growth.

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About Alan Kendall

Alan Kendall graduated from Baylor University in the mid-80’s with a BBA degree in Finance and Financial Planning. During the first 10 years of his practice, he focused on comprehensive financial planning, asset management and estate planning for high net worth clients.

However, following the early passing of his father in 1994 when Alan was only 30 years old, he began to recalibrate his life and practice to begin focusing on the non-financial and three-dimensional aspects of family wealth. Specifically, he shifted his practice to assisting families in passing on meaningful legacies to future generations. Alan was one of the earliest adopters and pioneers in the new (at that time) and growing field of “legacy planning.”

Alan ultimately sold his traditional asset and financial advisory practice and has been exclusively involved in the non-financial, legacy planning industry now for over 24 years. He has worked in a variety of capacities with both advisors and clients in helping to synchronize and integrate a family’s personal wealth of values with their social wealth of philanthropic passions and their financial wealth of assets in order to achieve a maximum family legacy impact. His specialty has been in strategic planned giving design and in facilitating active, “hands-on”, experiential philanthropy. Over the last two decades, he has counseled hundreds of families in area of perpetuating their own legacy.

As Chief Engagement Officer for MoreThanMoney360, Alan is now working with financial advisors and legacy consultants around the country empowering them with the language, tools and techniques necessary to integrate and enhance the non-financial aspects of a family’s wealth and legacy.

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About Steve Legler

Steve Legler is a Family Legacy Advisor in Montreal, Canada. He grew up in a business family, destined to take over the company his father had founded before he was born.
After an unexpected liquidity event that occurred while he was still in his 20’s, he ended up managing their family office instead. He also married into a business family, where he’s witnessed a number of other complex issues.

Early in Steve’s Family Office experience, he was managing financial assets owned by his family, so he obtained the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation in 2002. In 2013 he stumbled upon the Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA) program in Canada, which turned into a career-changing calling for him. Since then, he’s been working with other business families as they face the challenges surrounding their intergenerational transitions. To do this, he launched himself into new areas of training, on the “softer side” of things, in the “family circle”. This included Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), and the Third Party Neutral (TPN) certificate from the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution (CICR).

Courses from the Coach Training Institute (CTI) eventually lead to his Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) designation in 2019.
Family Systems Theory was also part of Steve’s training, including two years in the postgraduate program at the Bowen Center at Georgetown, studying Bowen Family Systems Theory (BFST), resulting in Steve’s second book.

He works with family clients as a facilitator and a mediator. He also does individual coaching with family members and loves to coach sibling groups. He recognizes how complex the world of family wealth transitions can be.

He’s the author of SHIFT your Family Business (2014) and Interdependent Wealth: How Family Systems Theory Illuminates Successful Intergenerational Wealth Transitions (2019)

Steve loves working with families who realize that with great wealth comes great responsibility, and that means being proactive and intentional. Engaging an objective outside expert also goes a long way to any family staying on track and achieving its goals.

Once a family has begun their MTM work, they’re well on their way to success, and he’s passionate about being a valuable resource to these families as they progress through the various steps together.

He’s active in many associations for professionals who work with families; a member of the FEA Council of the Family Enterprise eXchange (FEX); a member of the Wisdom Expedition of the Purposeful Planning Institute (PPI); and a member of the faculty of the Family Firm Institute (FFI) global education network (GEN) program.

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About Ella Chase Hyland

EllaElla Chase Hyland is the co-founder of Wellth Works, which cultivates and develops authentic feminine leaders, showing women that they create success while integrating balance and fun. Ella is a dynamic and innovative speaker, facilitator, and mentor. She is a recognized authority on the psychology of leadership, negotiations, and organizational turnaround.

Before launching Wellth Works, Ella spent a decade in sales consulting Fortune 200 companies and private enterprises on disaster recovery and business continuity strategy via emerging technology platforms (think about the “cloud” before it was commonplace), closing over $1 Billion in sales.

Ella is a certified CTI professional coach, and is a Northeastern University alumnus, having graduated summa cum laude with dual bachelor’s degrees. You can find Ella traveling the globe, exploring new cultures and adventures, especially those that involve being in, or on, water.


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About Michelle Langdon


Michelle Langdon is the co-founder of Wellth Works – a leading provider of coaching and consulting supporting female leaders to grow their confidence, executive presence, and communication skills to help launch a world where women are equally represented.

She is a trained professional coach, international economist, and a former advisor to governments around the world. She comes from a big, entrepreneurial family and is passionate about bridging the generational divide and empowering women in businesses.

Michelle holds a Bachelor’s degree from Boston University and a Master’s in International Economics and Development from Johns Hopkins University. You can find Michelle teaching and practicing yoga, traveling, and stepping out of her comfort zone in her spare time.


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About Steve Alms

Steve Alms

Since 1988, Steve Alms has had years of experience in the family meeting facilitation industry, working with Family Offices and multiple generations of successful families.

He started his career as an Estate, Trust, and Tax lawyer and then was recruited to work with a financial planning firm. During his time with this financial planning firm, Steve began his journey of helping families prepare for, and implement, generational planning strategies including annual family meetings. This passion inspired him to form a multi-family office practice. Steve guided his families to develop strategic initiatives and goals, managed projects, and oversaw the balance sheet of multiple families through collaborative partnerships with industry-leading organizations and experts.

In 2012, one of the families Steve served had a large exit from their privately held business and they asked him to become the CEO of their single-family office. In his role, he developed, implemented, and managed a series of strategic initiatives for the family including a yearly family meeting that focused on legacy, governance, charitable, and preparing the rising generation aspects to strengthen the family’s core values and unity.

From its beginning, Steve was involved in helping Shawn Barberis, Founder of MTM360, develop MTM360 and Shawn’s dream to of a technology platform that could help Family Offices with their generational planning.

Steve was a Baltimore, MD, resident for 60 years and in 2024 moved to Puerto Rico with his wife. He is married with seven children, ranging in age from 17 years old to 32 years old. He received his undergraduate, law, and business (MBA) degrees from the University of Baltimore. He is active in his charitable endeavors and enjoys riding his mountain bike, skiing, and learning to surf.


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About Mary Ann Grisham

Mary Ann

Mary Ann is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach who is passionately committed to helping others tap into their potential. Whether partnering with executives and managers, enabling them to get the most out of their team’s talents, working with individuals helping them discover their strength potential, or helping a family discover the beauty of their differences, her enthusiasm and passion for strengths brings energy and new perspective to every situation. The ultimate product is building a transformative culture of honor, productivity and growth.

As a MTM Navigator, she regularly contributes to the coaching community by conducting individual coaching sessions and family forums. By living from a “strengths perspective,” a person can be more effective and productive in not only their family but in all walks of life.

Deeply touched by the difference a “strengths perspective” made in her own life, the life of her family and her community, she devoted herself to making a difference in the world through Gallup Strengths Finder coaching.

Her dominant themes: Strategic, Woo, Communication, Activator, Positivity, Input, Includer, Significance and Futuristic.

Mary Ann understands the true meaning of “active philanthropy” as she and her whole family have been working with orphans through community development.

She is a resident of Oklahoma, but through our “FAMtec” program is available “virtually” anywhere in the world.


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About Michael Webster


Michael was born in Brooklyn, New York to a Jamaican father and a Polish Jewish Mother. Growing up in such a multicultural environment allowed Michael to grow up as a naturally curious individual. Seeking to understand those around him, their own unique backgrounds, and how those factors impact who they are today.

He graduated with his BA in Mathematics with a minor in Philosophy. A seemingly disparate pairing that in reality fits very well together. Michael then completed his Masters of Science in Education at The University of Pennsylvania where he learned more deeply how to ask more profound and informational questions.

Professionally, Michael began his career in a 9-12th grade boarding school where he was a Mathematics teacher, a coach, a dorm parent, an advisor, surrogate parent and many more unofficially tasked titles. Interacting with students from across the country and around the globe helped continue to fuel the fire of Michael’s curiosity.

That desire to understand others and the world around him led Michael to accept a teaching position in the Dominican Republic. During the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Michael accepted a job resulting in moving his family of four to an entirely different country.

Michael’s desire to learn, grow, and ask questions makes him uniquely qualified to work with you and your family. By seeking to understand rather than be understood allows Michael to be a positive guide towards a potentially challenging process. He is ecstatic to help you and your family on this journey and grow in the process as well.


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About Veronica Yepez

Veronica Yepez

Originally from Mexico City, Veronica has lived, studied and worked around the world in places such as Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Guatemala, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, the Netherlands and the U.S. Her exposure to these different lands and cultures expanded her perspective and developed her thirst for knowledge – that only few possess.

Veronica’s education includes a JD from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) an MBA (International Business) from Thunderbird School of International Management and has a certification as a Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP).

For nearly 20 years, Veronica has worked with individuals in both a legal and a financial capacity. Throughout this journey, she has become an expert on the needs of ultra-high net worth families and is able to share their unique perspective – but more importantly she learned how the power of the family’s story can inspire its members.

As a MTM Navigator, Veronica has a gift for taking the passions and purposes of a family and providing them with the perspective necessary to inspire action and preserve their “total” wealth. Veronica has a unique ability to learn and understand all the elements of a situation and put them together so that others can easily understand the big picture.  Her passion is to protect the family’s interests and support them in navigating the challenges inherent to succession, ownership change, wealth accumulation and its management.

Veronica is co-founder of the World Wide Women’s Council (W3) whose purpose is to serve female inheritors on the rise of seeking solution driven dialogue to address personal and professional issues under the unique lens of the responsibilities and impact resulting from family wealth.

Veronica lives and works with a simple philosophy of “Work. Play. Do Good.” This is embodied through a dedication to exceeding expectations, experiencing the world with openness and eagerness, and empowering others for the greater good of the community. She lives in San Diego with her husband and sons.

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About Phil Barnhill

Phil Barnhill

Phil is a 47-year insurance, investment management, and financial planning veteran.

His BA in Economics hails from Hamilton College in 1977, followed by a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) designation from The American College in Bryn Mawr, PA.

After 22 years of dedication to excellence in life insurance underwriting and estate tax planning, primarily with business owners and senior officers of local Fortune 500 companies, Phil initiated a focus on investment management and sophisticated, multi-generational financial planning using the finest analytical tools available. In 1999, along with a bright young compatriot, Phil and his spouse, Michele, who holds a legal degree from Mitchell Hamline College of Law, specializing in will and trust planning along with family mediation, founded a successful Registered Investment Advisory practice known as The Advocate Group (TAG), whose focus rested primarily on consulting with senior officers of General Mills.

Phil served as TAG’s CEO and Chief Investment Officer (CIO) throughout much of his entrepreneurial tenure at TAG. Desiring a shift in professional focus, Phil and Michele sold their interest to an internal group of TAG leaders in 2014.

Energized with a laser-focused multi-generational planning mission serving family-focused, values-driven clients, Phil, Michele, and their youngest son, Stoddard, founded Story Capital in 2014. Story Capital was selected as the new company’s name because every family and every business has a unique Story! Desiring to provide an institutionally survivable, genuinely multi-generational support environment for Story Clients and Stoddard’s career development, Story Capital merged into a 5-billion dollar 60-person, multistate RIA known as The Bahnsen Group and became their Midwest presence in July of 2021.

Now fully retired from the demands of entrepreneurial leadership, Phil is enjoying a “repurposing” of his intellectual vision through affiliation with the team at More Than Money.

Over many decades, Phil observed the unfortunate trait held by many wealth holders of purposefully withholding family financial information from their adult children, believing that disclosure and discussion of the future might ruin their children’s ambitions. For over 8-years, Phil and Michele have conducted extensive family meetings with their children and their children’s spouses on various financial and estate planning topics. Phil and Michele have chosen a more rewarding and sometimes challenging path of ageappropriate disclosure, discussion, and education for the next generation. Many parents choose the easier route of dividing and delivering (dumping?) non-asset-protected inheritance on their children and their children’s spouses. Based on personal experience and MTM wisdom, Phil and Michele are advocates of a different path forward.

Emotionally aligned with the team at More Than Money, Phil is enthusiastic about MTM’s development of a sustainable process that breathes new life into the vision of any family who wishes to constructively take a different, more rewarding path within their family through purposeful engagement with children and in some instances, adult grandchildren, across many generations!

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About Katie Morrison

Katie Morrison

Katie’s professional career spans many aspects of real estate sales, real estatedevelopment, community leadership, non-profit leadership, and finance. She launched hercareer in 2004 as part of the sales team at the famed Yellowstone Club in Big Sky, MT,contributing over $1 Billion in real estate sales. In this capacity, she worked with high-networth families seeking enhanced recreational balance with their families throughbroadening investment in resort-focused residential real estate. In the process, she found adeep sense of connection and devotion to her clients, which has continued throughout herdiverse career journey.

Katie’s educational path includes a BA in Philosophy from the University of MN, Duluth, to a coveted spot on the Dean’sList in 2023 with a Master’s Degree in Finance from Harvard University Extension School. Katie also sought to enhanceher performance potential by completing the Flow Genome Project coach training certification in 2019, a philosophytaught to high-performing business executives, including Richard Branson and Sergey Brin, and high-performingathletes and special forces military teams. Katie exemplifies dedication to lifelong learning.

Departing from resort real estate sales in 2008, Katie’s career trajectory exemplifies a commitment to excellence, withleadership positions at startup companies in equity based travel industry, marketing and non-profit sector. As the firstexecutive director for the renamed Big Sky Community Organization (BSCO), Katie successfully established amultijurisdictional park district, executed the capital raise, and provided project management for a multi-million-dollarcommunity park in the meadow at Big Sky. The MT Governor recognized Katie for her community service byappointing her to the MT State Trails advisory committee, which she served two terms.

Building on her substantial background in community leadership, Katie shifted her professional focus back to real estatein 2013. Working first within a team at a boutique brokerage which boasted the highest priced sale in Montana history,then transitioned into an independent agent for Berkshire Hathaway in 2020. Additionally, from 2017 to 2020, Katieextended her consulting expertise internationally, working with luxury resorts to enhance their connections with USbased clientele in the realm of residential real estate. Within the past few years, Katie has flourished professionally. Shebecame the top-performing sales associate for Berkshire Hathaway Montana Properties in 2023 and earnedinternational Chairman’s Gold and Diamond Club awards between 2020 and 2023. Her leadership achievementswithin Berkshire Hathaway offered numerous opportunities to speak on panels and online forums.

Katie’s dedication to excellence goes beyond professional accomplishments; since 2019, Katie has used her travel andmarketing expertise to provide pro bono marketing consulting to APROQUEN, a non-profit providing free preventiveand integrative medical care throughout Nicaragua to children with burns and their aftermath as well as congenital andacquired malformations such as cleft lip and palate.

Being connected to the mountains of Big Sky, MT, where she lives with her husband, Erik, Katie finds inspiration through skiing, running, golfing, & hiking. Guided by an adventurous spirit, she enjoys a life intertwined with her global community, fostering connection and empowering all people’s capacity to flourish within their family and beyond it to the world we have inherited.

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About Abby Breit

Abby Breit

Abby puts her family and her values first, and she is passionate about helping other families communicate to discover their shared values and purpose. Growing up with an ambitious entrepreneur father whose business evolved into a multi-billion dollar conglomerate known all over the world, Abby has first-hand experience of the heartbreak that can occur when family communication breaks down after money is the sole focus of wealth.

Abby is a South Dakota native and believes in perpetuating the more than money side of wealth in South Dakota values-based trusts. Abby hopes that with MTM360, your family can connect, find true belonging, and enjoy the many pillars of wealth to create success for generations to come.

She works at More Than Money Trust in Sioux Falls, is finishing her last semester at Mitchell Hamline School of Law (where she will be graduating Magna cum laude in May 2024), and spends her free time with her husband, Dan, and two daughters.

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About Jeremy Donovan

Jeremy Donovan

The intentional passing of family values became an area of passion for Jeremy as he experienced it in his own life. Having personally participated in more than 15 years of annual family forums, Jeremy is as much a beneficiary of the MTM360 process as he is a leader within it. His experience as a spouse marrying into this established practice positions him uniquely to bridge perspectives across generations and family roles.

Jeremy has spent most of his personal and professional life as a mentor to young people. As a teenager, Jeremy launched his coaching career and commitment to intentional youth mentorship, both of which continue today more than 25 years later. A master at building culture within a group, Jeremy spurs growth and unity while injecting fun.

Sometimes described as a human Swiss Army Knife, Jeremy’s diverse skill set has afforded him a wide range of professional experiences and recognitions spanning numerous industries and roles. Most of his time has been in education as both teacher and administrator in public, charter, and private schools – both boarding and day. As back-office staff in the financial sector, his work has been published in The Journal of Personal Finance of the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants. His time in international commodities logistics, purchasing, and sales gives him perspective on private sector business and entrepreneurial experience. At every stop, Jeremy’s gifts for innovating, serving others, and building teams have seen him rapidly ascend into leadership roles.

Many of Jeremy’s most formative experiences that inform his work in advising families has come from his role as husband and father of three. From the intensity of months at a hospital bedside with a child born with a serious congenital heart defect to the mundane of getting the kids out the door for school each day, Jeremy remains committed to daily gratitude and joy.

Jeremy loves strategically designing events that help families do purposeful work while having a blast together. His goal is to push families to know each other, love each other, and build exemplars within the family that allow values to be handed down organically through the deep relationships that healthy families are built on.

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