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Why MTM360?

Failure is by default  •  Success is by design

MTM360 is the solution

MTM360 sparks communication about the foundational pillars of multi-generational success

The Pillars of Multi-generational Success

The Time-Tested MTM360 Approach

If you have an important meeting, at work or church, you typically prepare.

In five, 30-minute monthly Zoom meetings all participating family members will complete online exercises in preparation for your Family Forum.

The MTM360 Platform


  • Understanding individuals’ unique styles
  • Tools for communication versatility
  • Elevate the clarity of family conversations
  • Learn the leaderships strengths of family members


  • Identify individual and shared family core values
  • Strengthen family unity
  • Establish a clear vision for your family
  • Write a statement about what matters most


  • Define what gratitude means to you
  • Identify intangible talents to benefit philanthropic vision
  • Communicate “who” you give to and “why” it’s important
  • Measure the impact of your philanthropy


  • What will the family be known for
  • Empower heirs
  • Integrate core values with existing professional plans
  • Write a shared legacy mission statement


  • Identify family members leadership qualities
  • Spark communication about preferred roles for family members
  • Create structure for family members to participate in important decisions
  • Write a governing document with your family


Customized education on financial literacy, further charitable and governance endeavors, continue to improve family communication

The Family Forum

Through our monthly 30-minute Zoom meetings, each family member will have:

Clarity on the subject matter

Comfort in what to expect

Input into the agenda for the Family Forum

Understanding the importance and purpose of the Family Forum

Excitement to communicate about timely, important topics

What our Clients say about us

This all makes sense, but…

“We are really busy and travel a lot”:

MTM360™ is completed in monthly 30 minute meetings, that’s it:  30 minutes per month.

“It’s really difficult to get us all in the same place”:

The 30 minute meetings are done online, not in person, thus supporting geographically diverse and on the go families.

“It’s all intangible, is there a deliverable?”:

Yes, every step of the process will be protected in your centralized, organized and customized MTM360™ digital system.