More than money

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never heard about “More Than Money” wealth?  Can you explain it?

I’m hesitant to have my family begin MTM360.  What can you say to help me take the plunge?

How do we prepare our family to transfer our wealth?

Can 30 minutes, once  month for 6 months per project, really be enough to make things happen?

Is “preparing heirs” a DIY project that our family can tackle on our own?

How does a Family Advancement & Sustainability Trust qualify as a “Values Based Trust?”

I know that this life will one day come to an end.  What can MTM360 do to help me “finish well?”

I’m having trouble with one of my kids and I’m reluctant to start a family facilitation process without him.  What should I do?

Shouldn’t I wait until my kids are ready?

What does interdependence look like?

What are the risks associated with multi-generational wealth transfer?

What makes you different from other family facilitation organizations?

Is it possible for our family to have a long lasting legacy?

How do I practically get my children to see what a “preparing heirs” engagement will look like?

Does money mean more than your family?  Take the quiz?

I’ve heard a lot about “governance” as the key to family education.  Can you comment?

How do  I get my family started off on the right foot when it comes to transferring our wealth?

Ever wonder if your family is headed in the right direction?

What do we do at a family forum and how do we get started?